Victorian No-Till Farmers Association Field Day with Dr. Jill Clapperton.

Tuesday 6th March 1 – 5pm at 308, Collins Road, Bridgewater.


Brent Rothacker has been integrating multi species cover crops on his farm for the past three years, after learning of the benefits of increasing diversity and building soil health. Brent’s long term goal is to reduce inputs and increase profit through unlocking unavailable soil nutrients, building soil water holding capacity and soil function.

Listen to internationally renowned soil biologist Dr. Jill Clapperton explain the importance of species diversity in the both the soil and above ground, and the connectivity of plants, soil biology, soil health and food quality.

For enquiries, please call Brent Rothacker on 0407 433 889 or the Vic No-Till office on 03 5382 0422.

Jill Clapperton (PhD)

Dr. Jill Clapperton is the Principal Scientist, founder and owner of Rhizoterra Inc. and a well-known international lecturer and advocate for practices that promote soil health. Jill is often seen during the growing season on the Rhizoterra Experimental farm north of Reardan Washington USA, which is a proving ground for new dryland crops, rotations, technology and products that help create healthy, productive soils. Rhizoterra believes that heathy soil grows healthy food and that makes healthy people and livestock too.
Rhizoterra are developing new technology to help farmers make real-time decisions about soil fertility, plant nutrition, and soil microbial activity. Rhizoterra wants agricultural businesses and consumers to make informed decisions about food based on science.


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