Rothacker Stockfeeds have been providing high-quality stock feeds to Central Victoria since 1935

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Located 30km north west of Bendigo in north central Victoria, we have been farming in Bridgewater for over 100 years. Chaff was first used at our farm to feed the draft horses which pulled the ploughs and various other implements and also our race horses. Chaff is now supplied to various feed stores and clients throughout Victoria. Farming has changed through the generations from Victor Rothacker in the early 1900’s spending hours in the feild cultivating our soil with horse drawn ploughs to modern day agriculture involving zero tillage cropping with our single disc seeder.
Healthy soil contains billions of living organisms which are essential in delivering plants nutrients and defending against disease to remain healthy. Biologic farming focuses on nurturing the living organisms in the soil with natural fertilizers, zero tillage cropping and having a long term view of improving the natural functions of the soil.
Being involved in the harness racing industry for 80 years we understand the importance of high quality horse feed which inspires us to grow healthy and nutritious crops.

This all ensures our feed supply is a healthier choice for your animal.